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Place where your fan fics are made true and seen but me and the other viewers of this Site.

Oh and you can RP here to for those who don't know that term it's RolePlay.

-I suspect for everyone that joins this Wikia to post or add things that are appropriate to the Wikia and I suspect to see Updates that will help this Wikia. Good Day- ~Shadow The Demon~


This is where you'd put your links to your writings all Fanfic's of Naruto. They are allowed to have sexually activity but keep it PG people mind the rules and when you put your fan Fic links make a section all your own  Shaduw-Chan 16:09, April 28, 2014 (UTC)

Don't be shy to share them, just send me the Link first so that I can verify it.


_______________ Copy and Paste my Fan Fic link below to your Web Browser.

Customized Character Links Edit

On here you can add the Link to your very own dcreated characters for Role-Plays, you can also make them look however you want them to look like. I will accept them if they look like a "sexual" character just don't go crazy about it alright?

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